Marek Drzewiecki

Clasical Music and it's personal


1. Democracy, for string orchestra

There is real-life drama embedded in this composition, as the musicians have a choice of what to play. They are asked the question: “Is your country moving in a positive direction?“

Each string player chooses which line to follow, indicated by “Yes” or “No”.If undecided, one can move from "Yes" to "No" or "No" to "Yes" at the beginning of any bar, so it reflects one's inner position. (example: 80%"Yes" and 20%"No" or 40%"Yes" and 60%"No").

Video: Democracy, recorded by Sofia Session Orchestra

2. I am, for string orchestra

Do you know exactly who or what you are?
from subjective, non-symbolic perspective
Each string player chooses what line to follow - indicated as "Yes" or "No"

Video: I am, recorded by Sofia Session Orchestra

3. Ueoaa, for Mixed choir: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

There is no text.
Each singer chooses the vowel to sing depending on how they feel:

A (ah) - very positive, love, gratitude, blissful, loving, ecstatic...
O (oh) - positive, happy, amused, curious, ...
E (eh) - negative, irritated, anxious, sad, ...
U (oo) - very negative, depressed, terrified, angry, ashamed ...

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